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Contour Body Studio's Aesthetics center and spa is your destination for all things beauty. Helping clients re-create the canvas of their bodies without the invasiveness of traditional cosmetic plastic surgery or the downtime. We can help you reach your dream body goals.  We pride ourselves on our professional, friendly, unpretentious staff, aesthetically pleasing and soothing atmosphere, and more notably for its qualified and certified professional estheticians. All spa services are administered by Pennsylvania licensed professionals, who provide beneficial treatments using the highest quality products designed cater to each client's specific needs and total body wellness. We deliver the highest quality and most advanced noninvasive services available. We love what we do!

All services are performed by an experienced and energetic team of licensed & certified professionals.


Here at Contour Body Studio, we strive to ensure each client’s results and expectations are surpassed. You will feel better the moment you walk in. Between the tranquility massages and the exceptional loss weight reduction programs, it's no wonder Aesthetic Center & Spa continues to receive numerous awards for their excellent services.

Here at Contour Body Studio, we strive to provide each client with the essentials to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to equip each of our clients with the tools needed on their healthy lifestyle journey. If you are looking for an alternative to plastic surgery, we can help! With a passion and love for all things beauty, we offer our clients state of the art non-invasive and non -surgical body contouring treatments. Some of our most popular services are the butt enhancement through vacuum therapy and RF skin tightening, Cavilipo, & Cryoskin. NO PAIN, NO NEEDLES, & NO DOWNTIME!


Act On Weight & Wellness Care healthcare professionals understand everyone is unique and will work alongside you to monitor and aid in your medically supervised weight loss by creating a personalized, age and gender-based plan for each patient. 

At our office located in Northfield New Jersey, patients can receive a weekly lipotropic injection which includes natural amino acids that help the body to turn fat into energy. This injection, along with our other supplements such as Ultimate Green Tea, Curcuma, and Alpha Lipoic Acid all assist in weight loss while promoting overall health and wellness.

Depending which program is selected, patients can receive a prescription for the weight-loss approved drug phentermine or the all-natural pharmaceutical grade alternative to phentermine, Diucaps.

In addition to our supplements and injections, the healthcare professionals at Act On Weight & Wellness understand weight loss also requires proper diet and exercise, and will work with you to modify and encourage healthier habits. By following the glycemic index, a measure of sugars in food, and incorporating achievable, age-based exercises, our team is sure to help you reach your weight and wellness goals. 

So, whether you’re looking to lose the covid weight or just trying to get in shape for summer, the Act on Weight & Wellness group will work with you to help you start and stay on track to reach lifelong health and wellness. The time to take action is NOW! Visit

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Act On Womens Health OB/GYN provides complete obstetrics & gynecology services for all phases of a woman's life. Our Ob/Gyn team is able to address all of a woman’s healthcare needs from asthma, diabetes & hypertension, to obstetrics, pregnancy and menopause. Act On Womens Health offers “complete” healthcare for all phases of a woman’s life. Locations throughout Atlantic County. Visit

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VertiKal Tech LLC is part of a family of world-class cannabis science with the help of GLTCannabis powering technology-driven brands like VertiKal Tech, HOPE Holistic HealTHCare, Holistic Hemp, and CBD, retail. GLTCannabis and its associated brands comprise a privately held company with a model designed for rapid expansion.

Boasting zero wastewater, zero biomass, and 100% reuse of all organic materials, VertiKal Tech is fully integrated, including cultivation, processing, tissue culture, testing services, and retail. VertiKal Tech cultivation is powered by the patented GLTCannabis vertical cultivation system (VCS), the world’s leading technology in that field.

Amazing technology and an amazingly dynamic team are only a small piece of a company’s success. Our state-of-the-art, 3000-square foot laboratory is conveniently located in Auburn, Maine. This positions us optimally within minutes of 90% of Maine's population. Our tissue culture is supported by services that allow cultivators to rid themselves of costly mother rooms and the naturally occurring stress to their prized genetics. Tissue culture is the only means by which a cultivator can meet the demand for clean plant stock while protecting their grow facilities from becoming plagued with less than optimum plants at a lower cost than producing their own clones! VertiKal Tech realized the need for clean, virus- and disease-free plant stock to help our fellow cultivators clean up their prized cultivars, increase flower production and maintain higher ROIs.


Act On Total Health



Act on Total Health (AOTH), a leading healthcare provider in New Jersey, announced today the re-acquisition of 17 primary and specialty care practices that were previously sold to Village MD. This acquisition returns ownership of these practices toAOTH, effective immediately. "Our team is ready to once again provide the patient-centered, compassionate, and dedicated care our community expects and deserves," said Dr. Jon Regis, founder of AOTH, "Regardless of who you are, your economic status, or your zip code, we are here for you."Regis, devoted to the standard that “quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” founded AOTH in 2021 when his Reliance Medical Group was acquired by Village MD. A renowned physician and healthcare advocate, Regis obtained his medical credentialing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, completing his residency at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia before transitioning to Cooper University Medical Center in Camden, NJ.

Over the past three decades, Regis and his team have provided quality, accessible primary care services, including: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Internal Medicine, to patients in Atlantic, Camden, Mercer, Ocean, and Monmouth counties. Act on Total Health builds upon the pioneering and inclusive legacy of Reliance Medical Group.

With over 100 support staff and 37 providers back under the AOTH umbrella, patients can expect a seamless transition with no disruption to their familiar care providers, appointments, or services. The re-acquisition will have immediate positive impacts for patients, including: expanded hours and services and a renewed focus on providing an exceptional care experience.

For more information or to schedule an appointment at one of the 17 re-acquired locations now under Act on Total Health, visit or call 833-HEALTHY.

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